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Welcome to the Martin Smith Racing Club


With the


anyone can enjoy the experience of owning a racehorse.

We offer people the opportunity to get close to the action without paying thousands of pounds per month to keep a horse in training.




Join us every Saturday on Club Day for a tour of the yard. You will meet all our horses and our team of dedicated horsemen who care for and exercise them.

Owners and Trainers badges.

With these, you will be granted free entry to the racecourse with exclusive access to the Owners & Trainers areas and you will also be able to meet the jockey in the parade ring before the race!

If your horse wins you will be invited to take part in the trophy presentation and join us in the Winning Connections Suite for a glass of complementary Champagne.

Exclusive access to our Racing Club Whatsapp group where you can interact with other members and Martin himself.

Detailed information, regular updates and videos from Martin for your selected horse(s).




Owner's Certificate

Membership number card

(on raceday, the owners of each horse running can use their unique membership number to enter the draw to win a pair of Owners & Trainers Badges.)

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