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How Martin Smith Racing is Different

What we do at Martin Smith Racing


As much as the world of horse racing appears to be about glitz and glamour, at the epicentre of our sport are thousands of people and horses who work tirelessly in the pursuit of excellence. Like many other things in the world, the way horses are handled and trained has advanced immensly over the last 25 years.


Working on a horses behaviour can dramatically improve their results


Horses are very fine tuned spirits and it is important to recognise slight fluctuations in their attitude and adjust their surroundings accordingly. Just moving a horse from one stable in the barn to another can alter their mental state completely.


We use techniques pioneered by Monty Roberts and Gary Witheford when handling youngsters to provide minumum stress for the horses while recieving maximum cooperation in return.


We work with a team of people who helps us keep our horses in top condition


All our veterinary needs are taken care of by the Rossdales. Michael Shepherd makes regular visits to our yard and is only a phone call away if we need him for anything.


Our farrier Vaughn Kirk provides the best level of care available for our horses' shoeing needs. In horse racing balance and weight distribution are vital factors for reaching optimum levels of performance.


We also employ the services of equine world class physiotherapist Bennie Stenderup.


As well as having our horses in peak physical condition, we take extra care to keep them mentally positive and provide for every horses individual needs.


We encourage our owners to contact us directly whenever they want


Our owners are always welcome to come and visit the stables. We like to welcome people to enjoy the friendly atmosphere at the yard and the horses always enjoy a treat from visitors. All it takes is a quick phone call to let us know you are coming.


Wether people own a string of horses or a small share they can always reach Martin through Twitter, Facebook or by phone or text message. We would never want people to feel like we are too busy to hear from them.



People say the nicest things… 


"The Smiths and team love their horses and are so friendly. We wish them all the luck in the world and each year we will get more and more shares with them, we would never have another horse with anyone else, the personal touch they give is worth so much.

Anyone looking to invest a small or large amount in a horse should get down to Liberty stables and take a look, there is NO ONE BETTER!! Don't put it off give them a call immediately!"

Dean Hawley


"I know that I can contact Martin Smith Racing at pretty much anytime I like. Does it get any better?"


Colin Rumsby


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